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Your one step-partner for IT solutions and training

With our solution experts, we are perfectly placed to support you with your IT landscape


Based in Hildesheim, Germany we offer our IT services and solutions in different  languages and europe wide. We have IT partners in Germany, England, Denmark, Holland, Spain, Austria and other european countries.

All our team members are experienced and fully qualified solutions experts. Each team member has multiple years experieince in enterprise IT landscapes, working for large companies.   They regularly take part in vendor trainings to widen their knowledge and take vendor exams. This enables them to be uptodate with the most modern solutions.

We offer complete IT Solutions, from standard software up to complete infrastructure lanscapes. We design and implement software and server infrastructures. With our design and deveolpment teams we can offer individual solutions to fit your requirements. We design solutions that work for you and not that make you work for them.Our IT solutions are designed with scalability in mind, to not only fulfill the IT needs of today, but also for tomorrow.

Our training teams consist of Trainers that are experienced in their field and fully qualified/certified to train. All our trainers are required to take all exams that they teach.

Aswell as the vendor official courses, we offer customized training. We will work with you to put togther courses to improve your companies productivity. To provide the support needed for your workers. We do not have running courses or course start dates. We plan all our courses individually with our IT partners. If you need five or six days to learn how to configure the IIS 7.5, it is up to you, our partner. We do not have time limits.